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The App Startup Success Challenge

An ambitious 6-week live course that helps you kickstart your app idea & startup business by assisting you in qualifying it. Hence, you know if it's worth investing your valuable time, energy, and hard-earned money.

With this challenge, you get a competitive advantage over competitors, thinking of the same app idea.

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This App Startup Success Challenge is your shortcut to all the best practices, tools, and knowledge to help you reach your app goals, which otherwise would take you several years to get on your own.

The 6 Week App Startup Success Challenge


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  • Weekly 1 hour live sessions with Q&A
  • Assignments to solve every week so you maintain progress 
  • Online tools that will help you reach your weekly app goals
  • Get accountability partners and have 1:1 sparring with them
  • Access to a closed App Startup Success Challenge networking group
  • 2x10min 1:1 with Taregh, your trusted app expert advisor 
  • Lifetime access to replays and the challenge materials
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed!

To Achieve App Success, You Don't Need To Know Anything About Coding or Having Tech Skills.

You need a no-code roadmap that can help you understand the entire process from idea to app, so you know exactly where to start, why, and how to get to the next level without stress and loss of money.

I have created The App Blueprint Candy Model™️ (The ABC Model™️), which is your roadmap to app success.

The 6 Week App Success Challenge uses the ABC Model™️ to guide you through the whole process.

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The App Blueprint Candy Model™️ 

The ABC model™️ consists of 3 phases known as The 3Ps; Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. In every phase, you have two focus areas for each phase; 1. Idea & Validation, 2. Design & Development, and 3. Marketing & Sales

With this straightforward framework, you can understand the entire process from idea to app. Besides that, it helps you start your app journey, knowing exactly why you are doing what you are doing, where to start, and how to get there successfully!

Phase 1
Pre-Production: Idea & Validation

Firstly, you need to understand your app idea and concretize it. Then you need to validate and test your app concept before moving to the next phase.

Phase 2
Production: Design & Development

Secondly, incrementally, start designing and developing your MVP or Pretotype to get fast market entry and user feedback to Refine Redesign and Relaunch.

Phase 3
Post-Production: Marketing & Sales

Lastly, you need to market and sell your app to create Revenue and Recruit and Retain end users. Just being on App Stores will not bring in users or revenue.

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